1. Online Storage

    At Digiestate, Get an opportunity to ease out your data conveniently from anywhere! We bring you the best services to online store your every virtual data like photos, music, documents, favorite websites, calendar data, contacts and many more. It reduces your efforts to jump from one to another website for seeking information and provide you your own secure private place of the storage account.
    This best online data storage provider based on cloud computing technology which makes it easy to handling and storing your data with the benefit of global accessing anytime and anywhere. It vanish all your worries of data redundancy and the effect of spyware and viruses. Just put your data in the storage account and you can easily access it with any internet-connected device.

    2. Cloud service

    In speeding the time which was earlier wasted in storing and sharing big data in memory cards and storage devices now easily portable insecure device. Cloud storage services give you the accessibility of data from anywhere you want with connected internet devices. And benefit to recover your data in the event of hard drives failure. It also keeps updating, every time you make changes to a file it will be synced and updated across all of your devices.


    Safely access and share

    It brings you benefit to easily access and share your important data online through any internet connected device.

    Mobile Apps and web version

    It works on every updated mobile applications and web versions easily without protection threat to your other files and documents.

    File Sharing

    You can easily share your data files as texts, documents, images, etc. with Digiestate. It offers you great services without duplicity of your data

    Digital Safety Deposit Box

    Digiestate offering you best and easy to use digital safety deposit box where you can easily store your data online.

    3. Share & Collaborate

    Digiestate come with a unique feature in which you can share your storage with your family and friends. Now no need to carry those outdated and hard to handle memory cards, pen drives, data storage devices, etc. for sharing your information which carries demerits of inability to share, wasting time attachment and occupies more memory space due to large files sizes.
    So upgrade your approach to share data with anybody with control over its utility. We offer you full control of your data! Make your files fast and easily transferable even in big sizes with the benefit of setting up the data access permission for different people and groups to keep your data secure.
    You can share your data with your friends and family Digiestate app to Digiestate app faster than any other medium.


    Security and Privacy

    With Digiestate, you can easily share your memories with your loved ones without any hindrance of data hacking, virus threat and disturbing your privacy

    Fast-Fast and Fast

    Digiestate works with advance technology to handle your data storage online and allows you to share your data files within just few minutes.

    Data Protection

    We work with the best data protection tool which completely protect your data from any threat and attacks.

    4. Online Backups

    Our services offer you full proof data security and easy online backups without any anxiety of how to recover your data in case of your computer failure or how to revive your data if your hard disk will crash and you lost your important data files. Where other backup solutions are vulnerable to threats and attacks to your computer, we offer you the most advance technology to safely access and store your data online without such a question that panics you on losing your data.


    Easy Restoration

    We Digiestate, offers best online data backups of your files, documents, images and other data so that you can easily restore your files without any recovery issue.

    Sync Files across All Devices

    You can easily synchronize your data with any other internet connected device which helps you to work smoothly and share your data easily.

    Security & Protection

    Digiestate brings you benefit of complete protection threat from all viruses, spywares and malfunctioning.

    5. Photo Albums

    Create memories that always are with you without any stress of losing them. Create amazing photo albums and easily accessible image drives that organize your photos and safely store your photos and share with your loved ones, friends and family. It provides you the advantages of safely secure your photos online in full resolution and share with anyone with making your personal public photo page. It simply stores and organizes in your personal cloud that originally uploads your photos. It makes your photos convenient accessibility and in damage proof cloud storage that shield your memorable captures and password protected photo albums to organize and manage it with giving you full authority to decide who will access your photos. Now it's up to your wish to publically share your photos to the world or keep it private with you and your loved ones.


    Secure you memories

    Secure the memories that you have created with Digiestate! We provide you a secure data cloud storage corner

    Access anytime anywhere

    Now you can easily accessible anytime where ever you feel so to share your beautiful memories with your dear ones.

    Access and share through Mobile/Computer

    We simplifies the connection without any tough signing in procedure, you can easily access and share your data through Mobile/ Computer.

    Save and Mange photos online

    Digiestate manages your photos online in an organized manner. So save your memories here with us!

Get Online storage and Cloud Service, Create Data files, Photo album and share them to family and friends.

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